The Marketplace for Digital Assets and Services

Leonardian is a single marketplace providing a direct connection between individuals and companies who need assets and services in the digital domain with the ones who offer such.

  • No intermediaries

  • Marginal fees

  • Full transparency

Leonardian video

If you are wondering what is Leonardian all about, check out our short video.
You will get know better what stands behind Leonardian project and why it`is worth your investment.



  • 1.

    Substantial fees

    The biggest marketplace takes between 30-70%
    of the revenues from the sale as a commission

    Flat fee: 8%

    Every transaction will be charged a flat fee of 8%
    regardless if it is a product or service

  • 2.

    Delayed payment

    The average delay of receiving the revenues
    after the sale is 1 month

    Instant payment

    Instantly upon transaction the sum goes
    to the account of the author in the system

  • 3.

    Unfair way to promote users

    The algorithm of the marketplaces is implemented in a way
    which promotes top few users with priority

    "Fair" random algorithm

    "Fair" random algorithm with a separate
    mechanism to promote new providers

  • 4.

    Clumsy approval process

    There are several issues in the approval process like:
    timing, subjectivity, lack of requrments and more

    Strict quality assurance policy

    A unique quality assurance mechanism combining AI-powered
    algorithm with a parallel and independent human review process


  1. Q2 + Q3

    Market research and project definition

  2. Q4

    System design and business case modeling

  3. Q1

    Token preparation + start of initial development

  4. Q2 + Q3

    Plokastarter IDO + token launch

  5. Q4

    Development + first registrations

  6. Q1

    Beta version

  7. Q2 + Q3

    Stable version v1

  8. Q3 + Q4

    Massive advertising Stable version v2

  • Q2 + Q3

    Market research and project definition


    System design and business case modeling

  • Q1

    Token preparation + start of initial development

    Q2 + Q3

    IDO Listing on Polkastater + Token launch


    Development + first registrations

  • Q1

    Beta version

    Q2 + Q3

    Stable version v1

    Q3 + Q4

    Massive advertising Stable version v2

How it works


Development map

Now our focus is the product. Here’s what we’re working on right now.

  • User management module
  • Payment module
  • Statistics module
  • Digital assets module
    In progress
  • Notifications module
  • Marketing module
  • Refund module
  • Exchange module
  • Admin module
  • Security Module
    In progress
  • Search module
  • Ordering Module
  • Affiliate program module
  • QA automation module
  • Hiring module
  • Rating and comments module
  • Blockchain integration module
  • Code review module
  • API module
  • Blog module
  • Smart Q/A module
  • Tutorials module


Token: LEON
Decimal Places: 18
Total Tokens: 263,000,000
Token Standard: ERC20

Budget Allocation

  • Development (40%)
  • Marketing & Business Development (30%)
  • Operational cost (15%)
  • Legal, Accountant,Compliance, Regulatory (10%) asdsa
  • Unforeseen Costs (5%)
30% Development
40% Marketing & Business
15% Operational cost
10% Legal, Accountant,
Compliance, Regulatory
5% Unforeseen Costs

Token Allocation

  • Public token sale
  • Liquidity
  • Team and advisors compensation
50% Public token sale
40% Liquidity
10% Team and advisors compensation


What is the role of passion in business? This is exactly what kept our team running during the 7 years since its establishment despite all the changes and challenges within the team. The company, which stands behind the Leonardian project: Entro Solutions was established in 2011 by a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to take the best of the big corporate world and combine it with the flexibility of the starting business. The goal was to provide supreme development, support and marketing services to businesses who wanted to establish their online presence. Few years and many successes and lessons learned later, on top of the other services and business, the company started developing own software products.

Currently we are waiting for approval from Polkastarter. Stay tune!

Leonardian soft cap is 3.000.000 USD and hard cap is limited to 20.000.000 USD

Total tokens for sale which serve to provide the financing of the project represent 50% of all tokens(263,000,000). 40% of tokens are reserved to ensure the operational liquidity and transactional functionality of the platform. Rest 10% are reserved for the team, advisors and partners.

Leonardian is a blockchain-based all-in-one marketplace for digital assets including software products and copyright items, as well as freelance services. It comes with the needed benefits such as low flat transaction fee, bulletproof quality assurance mechanism protecting all parties, efficient payment mechanism and full predictability and transparency of conditions locked in the smart contract of the blockchain.

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