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Dear community,

We did not reach the soft cap, and we are going to return all the USD/ETH/BTC to all contributors.

In order to receive the refund, please send an email to [email protected] by end of 15 September. Refund procedure will start from 16 until 20 of September.

We were very unfortunate with the timing of launch. But the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that failure = learning.

All people who want to keep the tokens from AirDrop can get into their dashboard->airdrop tab and transfer their tokens with MetaMask. If the button

Best Regards,
Leonardian team


We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Sofia University. Together with the Business Administration Department we’re participating in the course “Digital Marketing” as guest lecturers presenting real cases from our practice and providing the chance to students get a touch of the latest trends in business and marketing.


As you know, preICO is over. We would like to thank you all those who were interested, participating and helped in the process. Now we have a lot of work prepare for the main public sale starting on 11 June. If you have any questions please ask in the Telegram channel or by email: [email protected].

* Keep in mind that due to great interest, our team is overloaded and there may be a delay in answering email. Thanks for understanding!

At the beginning of April, a new adviser joined our team - Hristo Piyankov, Blockchain / Cryptocurrency analytics consultant with a strong financial background. After discussions with Hristo, we came to a few decisions aimed at protecting the project and its investors and participants in the best possible way.

  1. The 40% of tokens for the Liquidity pool will be released gradually on yearly basis for a period of 8 years: 5% each year. Thus we'll improve the stability of the LEON tokens price and prevent possible financial/token collapse.
  2. All tokens for the team will be locked for 1 year.
  3. We were unlucky with the timing as the price of the Ethereum skyrocketed from ~USD 300 to USD 900. Many community members started asking about the fact that from this perspective the price of the token has raised. We realized that we should have fixed the price of the LEON to the USD in order to facilitate the majority of potential smaller investors since fixing it to ETH is bringing an additional level of abstraction. Having checked the practices we decided that we'll change the model for the ICO and fix the price of the LEON to the USD. In order to protect any participants in the preICO we'll compensate them with additional tokens to the difference needed to guarantee them that they have acquired tokens at the lowest possible price.
  4. In order to protect investors and token holders, we'll use the market-making technique in a smart contract which basically means that we'll try to guarantee the minimum price of the token after the ICO. This option will be available only for investors on the preICO/ICO.
  5. On Friday, 18.05.2018. we will start an early adopters campaign. Registration will be open for 500 end clients and 200 providers. All of them will have access to the early beta version of the platform.
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